We make your vision tangible

Integrated provides clients with ground-up construction services that connect concept to reality. With solutions that span industries, project scopes, and site specifications, we specialize in construction that molds to our client — and never the other way around.

We welcome a challenge, and we’re proud to bring a solutions-oriented approach to the construction industry. You provide your vision, and we’ll implement it. That’s a promise.

A cross-cutting solution for your property

Every client brings unique needs and a distinctive visions to their project. Our job is to take these intersecting requirements and transform it into a successful construction story.

We take a bare site and fill it with the professional expertise that ensures it’s ready for business. All of our ground-up construction projects integrate:

  • Custom design. Every project starts with an idea. We provide the preliminary design to ensure that your space is a safe, welcoming, and special place to do business.
  • Industry facilitation. A lot of behind-the-scenes preparation goes into a successful construction project. We provide professional guidance and act as a liaison between our clients and architects or designers.
  • Budgetary quoting. You tell us what your vision is, and we’ll provide you with a complimentary, obligation-free cost estimate.
  • Code compliance. Our in-depth knowledge of local and statewide mandates ensures that your property will always be compliant with important safety regulations and building codes.
  • High-level craftsmanship. With two decades in the construction industry, our team appreciates that quality matters. Every project is designed to make your structure an investment for the long haul.

Site-specific solutions for your property

The physical location of your business sets the stage for your role in the community. Integrated is committed to helping our clients thrive – and we achieve this through construction services that bring your vision to life. We believe that a building should represent more than four walls and a roof. It should be a hub for your business to succeed, and for employees, clients, and visitors to thrive.

We bring a high level of industry knowledge and experience to clients in the following industries:

  • Medical
    Our team works alongside medical administrators to foster a space for safe, streamlined, and modern care. We believe in marrying ‘outside the box’ solutions with vital health and safety restrictions, which ensures that you meet the mark for patients and staff alike. Functionality and aesthetic appeal aren’t mutually exclusive, and we foster a space that is as welcoming as it is utilitarian. Bring us your vision for a doctor’s office, hospital, clinic, and more – and we’ll turn it isn’t a nexus for healthcare.
  • Restaurant
    We help you set the stage for an exceptional dining experience… And ensure that the kitchen is able to function seamlessly behind-the-scenes. With a visionary approach and proven-effective implementation skills, Integrated ensures that your restaurant is ready to do what it does best: Create an exceptional customer experience. We merge health and safety concerns with aesthetic perception to create a space customized to your business. From Michelin star to fast food, we’re here for you.
  • Retail
    Brand identity comes to life with Integrated working behind the scenes. Our team works carefully to understand what drives the business you run – and we use these principles to guide construction of a space that is both inspiring and endlessly functional. Whether we’re building on franchise branding or creating a space that is completely unique to you, Integrated specialized in customized solutions that bring your brand to life.

From the ground up… To long-term success

We’re prioritize longevity and quality. We strive to inspire our clients and the customers they serve. We provide start-to-end construction services, and are proud to be a resource for Raleigh property owners who seek:

  • Planning and Conceptualization
  • Pre-Construction Guidance
  • Ground-Up Construction Services

Your property is the link to a successful business. Integrated has the vision and skills to bring you there.

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